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Our Approach IS Unique!

IOD’s Capacity Building and Organizational Development services help nonprofits assess and increase the knowledge and enhance the systems needed to bring in more revenue to grow their mission and better serve their community. Our approach to organizational success is based on a unique blend of proven, evidence-based behavioral science strategies and decades of research into sound nonprofit development principles.

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  • Analysis

    We specialize in providing quick, concise ANALYSIS using sound methodology... we listen to you to capture an accurate picture!

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  • Insights

    We work with you to develop INSIGHT about the source of operational challenges... we believe you know your organization best!

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  • Solutions

    We specialize in working with you to develop affordable, concrete, realistic SOLUTIONS... that you control and that produce results!


Why We Serve

Running a nonprofit is far more complex than running a for-profit business. In reality, a nonprofit operates in two very different worlds... one of service delivery and the other of generating revenue to fund service delivery to advance its mission.

We are passionate about helping nonprofits integrate this uniqueness into making a positive impact by using business best practices with mission-driven, nonprofit motives that produce sound operational practices!  

What Makes Us Different

If there was ever a time to rethink the art and science of nonprofit management, it is now.


The Post-Pandemic world with a deeply troubled economy, unprecedented government turmoil, and a social malaise not seen since the Great Depression means that nonprofits must evolve or risk extinction... we show you how to thrive and prosper in this unpredictable environment!


Our Core Values are at the heart of everything we do!

  • Competency_IOD

    The ability to do something efficiently and successfully... our proven track record is how we want to be measured.

  • Care_IOD

    Providing what is necessary for the health and benefit of the organization and everyone in it and served by it.

  • Commitment_IOD

    Being dedicated to your purpose, we pledge our unwavering loyalty to help you grow your mission.

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We specialize in providing a quick, concise ANALYSIS, developing unique, accurate INSIGHT and providing concrete, realistic SOLUTIONS... there is NO cost or obligation!

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