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Christian Higher Education, Inc. is a non-profit consulting firm specializing in assisting faith-based organizations secure the resources needed to advance their mission through loans, investment, and donor-driven fundraising that focuses on what they want FOR the donor... not FROM the donor.


Our Approach IS Unique!

We are led by John Curtis, Ph.D., President and Founding Partner, and David Sayers, Ph.D., MBA, MAcc, Director of Financial Services. We offer loans and investments at competitive market rates and we implement the best practices in affordable fundraising, sound organizational principles, and innovative operational strategies resulting in measurable improvements in performance and outcomes with Christian organizations nationwide.

Capacity Building Faith-based

Our Accelerated, Donor-Driven Fundraising Services 


Over the past 60 years individuals, churches, and businesses have changed the way they support Christian schools and ministries, but so many of these organizations continue to rely on stale, overused, and ineffective fundraising methods from the past. Our approach is a proven, innovative process that speeds up your ability to raise major gifts based on the fundraising realities of these dynamic times. 


It is more important than ever for Christian organizations to consider fresh approaches to operational viability and financial sustainability to advance their mission. Now organizations need to embrace the leading best practices for operational performance that bring revenue and expenses into the same stewardship conversations through an integrated management model.


This is exactly what we help Christian organizations do, in a way that is affordable and focuses on creating a successful, in-house development function so that there is no longer a dependency on outside consultants... let us show you how to thrive and prosper on your own even if you have NO development staff.

Our Exclusive Financial Resources - "Doing Ministry While You Bank!"



We offer loans, investments, and capacity-building consulting services to churches, faith-based ministries, and K-college, Christian education through our sister organization... Covenant Resource Group.


We serve inter-denominational churches, and all types of Christian ministries, and our top priority for 2024... is Christian education from kindergarten through college.


We pledge to provide the resources needed to create new faith communities, expand existing ministries, build facilities, multiply outreach programs, and reach more students.


Covenant Resource Group seeks to expand the Kingdom of God by collaborating with like-minded churches, ministries, and Christian schools to provide the needed resources through financing and fundraising.

Faith-based Services from IOD

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Our affordable Fundraising and Financial Services help Christian organizations nationwide increase their relevancy, performance, and financial sustainability. We have a proven track record of success serving all sizes and types of faith-based organizations and institutions.


Donor-Driven Fundraising

We show you how to help donors reach their philanthropic goals, carry on a family tradition, or practice their faith by investing in your mission. The approach is based on what you want FOR the donor... not FROM the donor and can be highly successful even if you have NO development staff.


Our Exclusive Financial Resources

IOD provides organizations with innovative and sustainable financial resources to address immediate funding needs or offer managerial and operating accounting solutions. We specialize in multiple areas of operations that result in... Doing Ministry While You Bank!

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The Professional Services Specialist Team

John Curtis, Ph.D.

Fundraising Specialist

David Sayers, Ph.D., MBA, MAcc

Director of Financial Services

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