Financial Services for Faith-Based Organizations

More Savings: More Mission!

IOD provides innovative and sustainable financial, managerial and operating solutions tailored to the unique world of faith-based nonprofit management that increase efficiency and decrease costs.


Financial Services

We blend the latest business best practices with mission-driven, nonprofit motives: 

1. Preparation for External Audits & Performance of Internal Audits

2. Internal Controls Assessment & Enhancement

3. Start-up Consultation & Planning

4. Financial & Cash Management Planning, and Budgeting & Forecasting

5. Remote & Interim CFO, Controller & other accounting functions

6. Federal & State tax form filings

7. Independent Financial Statement Reviews & Compilations

8. Economic Impact Studies

9. Board Financial Training & Policy Development

10. Loans & Investments

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We specialize in providing a quick, concise ANALYSIS, developing unique, accurate INSIGHT and providing concrete, realistic SOLUTIONS... there is NO cost or obligation!

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