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Our affordable Capacity Building and Organizational Development services help nonprofits nationwide amplify their relevancy, increase their credibility, and raise their visibility especially in this unprecedented era.


We have a proven track record serving all sizes and types of nonprofit organizations to advance their mission and raise more funds.

We start by gaining an objective and comprehensive picture of your organization's current "As-Is" state. Next, we help you determine its future "To-Be" state... then most importantly, we produce a Development Plan to FUND your future!

Capacity Challenge #1 - Staying Mission True

How faithful has your organization been to its original mission both operationally and philosophically? Staying true to your mission is essential to engaging staff and earning a donor's trust.

Capacity Challenge #2 - Earning Donor Trust

We specialize in showing organizations how to build and leverage donor trust, so a donor progresses from being a "transaction-based, one and done" giver to a lifelong, major gifts investors in your mission.

We help nonprofits overcome the most complex organizational issues that are often based on either a Lack of Proficiency or a Lack of Initiative...

Lack of Proficiency

All too often, as a nonprofit matures, it outgrows the staff's capabilities or its internal systems may not keep pace with the ever-expanding scope of the organization. Targeted, results-oriented education and organizational development is the key to build and sustain operational success!

Lack of Initiative

In other situations, the staff knows how to do their job but they are no longer able to be successful due to conditions beyond their control. Transforming an organization's culture with new knowledge, systems and processes are essential to sustain a committed and motivated staff.

"IOD showed us a simple, systematic method to raise major gifts that we would have never thought of doing. Best of all, they quickly transferred the skills and tools to us, so we were able to confidently secure new major dollars without the need of outside consultants... we loved their unique approach that brought in significant new dollars from new donors!"

Dr. Kristen Hammett, Board Chair

Haywood County Animal Shelter

"IOD is the first consultant we've ever worked with who helped us develop a concrete, measurable and accountable strategic plan that produced results in all aspects of our operations, community relations and fundraising... we have used them in 3 different planning cycles over a 10 year period!"

Christine Hobart, Executive Director
McKee Botanical Garden

"IOD showed us how to transform our Board of Directors, led our strategic planning process and helped us bring fundraising in-house to take charge of our financial destiny. We are more successful now than at any time in our 47-year history and could not have done it without the great guidance from IOD!"

John Russell, Executive Director

Montford Park Shakespeare Players

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