Fundraising for Historically Black Colleges & Universities!

We specialize in assisting HBCUs in advancing their mission during one of the most dynamic times in the history of black institutions.


HBCUs currently face daunting challenges and unparalleled opportunities, so they must embrace change or risk extinction... we show you how to thrive and prosper in this unprecedented era.

Our Approach IS Unique!

Over the past 60 years, donors, philanthropists, businesses and alumni have changed the way they support HBCUs. Unfortunately, too many institutions still rely on stale, overused and ineffective fundraising methods from the past that have outlasted their effectiveness. It is time to consider a fresh approach to accelerate the process of fundraising from existing donors and alumni and securing new dollars from new donors in the community.

Tony Neal, Ph.D. and John Curtis, Ph.D. have a proven track record in helping institutions enhance their credibility, visibility, and financial sustainability. They work with institutions nationwide to implement best practices in fundraising and sound organizational principles that result in measurable improvements in performance and increased revenue!

HBCU Capacity Building Services from IOD

Our Accelerated, Donor-Driven Fundraising Services

The dynamic nature of financial support for HBCUs means that fresh, effective approaches to fundraising are more important than ever. Dr. Neal and Dr. Curtis have developed an innovative, virtual approach to donor-driven, major gifts fundraising.


It will greatly reduce the cost of fundraising, speed up your ability to secure new major gifts while ensuring a strong ROI using key metrics to measure the efficiency of your fundraising efforts and the optimal use of any existing development resources.


We have more than 75 years of combined fundraising experience and our strategies are based on the research of more than 200 HBCU graduates. Specifically, Dr. Neal’s dissertation research, "A Quantitative Study of the Perception, Attitudes and Giving Behaviors of Graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities" provides direct insight into HBCU giving and one of the key, often untapped sources of new revenue — alumni.

Our Unique, Cost Saving Business Services

Institutional health is one of the key prerequisites to gaining donor confidence. We work to foster your performance by improving financial strength... strength that comes from minding BOTH the revenue and expense elements of financial operations. 

We offer affordable assessment and development services, and provide integrated solutions to interrelated institutional challenges while ensuring you stay true to your mission!

All too often, HBCU’s have cut on the expense side for years until there is no more room to cut. Our Business Services empower institutions to attract new investments and make the most of stewardship dollars by growing revenue while containing expenses. More Savings: More Mission!

HBCU Fundraising from IOD

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Donor-Driven Fundraising

IOD has a unique, proven approach to donor-driven fundraising resulting in increased investments from donors. We show you how to help donors reach their personal philanthropic goals, carry on a family tradition or practice their personal values by investing in your mission.


Cost Saving Business Services

IOD provides HBCUs with innovative and sustainable financial planning, managerial and operating solutions. We specialize in multiple areas of business operations that result in MORE SAVINGS: MORE MISSION!

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The HBCU Specialist Team

John Curtis, Ph.D.

Fundraising Specialist

W. Anthony Neal, Ph.D.

Senior Fundraising Advisor

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