Business Services for HBCUs

More Savings: More Mission!

IOD provides innovative and sustainable financial, managerial and operating solutions tailored to the unique world of HBCU management that increase efficiency and decrease costs.


Financial Services

We blend the latest business best practices with mission-driven, nonprofit motives: 

1. Preparation for External Audits & Performance of Internal Audits

2. Internal Controls Assessment & Enhancement

3. Start-up Consultation & Planning

4. Financial & Cash Management Planning, and Budgeting & Forecasting

5. Remote & Interim CFO, Controller & other accounting functions

6. Federal & State tax form filings

7. Independent Financial Statement Reviews & Compilations

8. Economic Impact Studies

9. Board Financial Training & Policy Development

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We specialize in providing a quick, concise ANALYSIS, developing unique, accurate INSIGHT and providing concrete, realistic SOLUTIONS... there is NO cost or obligation!

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