Nonprofit Leadership Development

IOD’s unique leadership development approach focuses on areas that will most benefit individual leaders & the nonprofit as a whole. We specialize in nonprofits & organizations in multiple practices, including: health & human services, higher education, faith-based organizations and associations.

Leadership Development

Developing an effective leadership team is often the best response to an organization’s challenges. However, every executive or manager has a unique set of developmental needs based on his or her aptitude, personality, and experience; and every organization has specific development needs based on the combined skill levels and experience of its leadership team.

For this reason, IOD offers an individualized approach to leadership training that goes beyond traditional concepts of training to focus leadership development on the areas that will most benefit individual leaders and the organization as a whole. We begin with an 360° assessment to determine what changes are needed to strengthen leadership effectiveness. We then work with each individual to develop a plan of action that responds to specific challenges to result in relevant and lasting behavioral change. We can also use the assessment results to create a customized group-training curriculum based on the development needs that are common among the members of the leadership team.

Human Resources Management

IOD offers a comprehensive approach for improving an organization’s HR function to ensure that the organization is attracting, hiring, developing and rewarding its employees effectively. Our human resource experts can examine the capacity and functioning of existing HR activities and outcomes along several dimensions relevant to employee staffing, relations, retention, and performance.

Quality Services Management

IOD combines customer services management and organizational systems management to create a concrete, systems approach to customer relations, based on the organization’s core values, accurate job descriptions, performance planning and ongoing coaching and counseling to ensure the delivery of quality products and services from all staff, at all levels of the organization.

This systems approach enables the organization’s leadership to manage change; to respond comprehensively to the needs of clients, constituents and staff; and to ensure constant and certain quality services, as measured by increased satisfaction among internal and external stakeholders.


IOD has extensive experience providing highly informative, relevant, and entertaining programs for all kinds of audiences and with employees at every level, from senior executives to frontline staff. Our dynamic, interactive sessions are designed to raise levels of awareness and change behavior, with ideas and skill building experiences that have immediate application in the work place. IOD can complete a training needs assessment using the results from its 360° Leadership Performance Profile Assessment, its Team Effectiveness Survey or its Change Readiness Survey to create a training program based on development needs that are consistent among the participants. IOD offers a broad range of program topics, including…

Effective Communication • High Performance Teamwork • Change Management • Leading with Integrity • Creative Problem Solving • Effective Performance Management • Process Mapping

The teaching format includes standard classroom environments and group experiential training activities. In addition, IOD can develop and produce a customized training program for delivery by your organization’s in-house training staff or outside facilitator. In every case, IOD will work with appropriate staff to ensure a learning experience that builds on previous training, that supports current training goals or systems, and that provides the best return for your training resources.

Facilitation Services

Dr. Curtis is an accomplished facilitator. His understanding of human behavior, group dynamics and organizational development enable him to balance the interests of various, diverse constituents in a group setting. He is an expert in facilitating the interaction among participants, promoting cooperation, encouraging constructive dialogue, expediting problem solving, and providing overall direction as needed in a wide variety of settings.