Nonprofit Board Development & Change Management Planning

IOD’s board development services help nonprofits across the US overcome challenges that result from growth & change within the organization. We specialize in nonprofits & organizations in multiple practices, including: health & human services, higher education, faith-based organizations and associations.



As a natural occurrence, every organization experiences developmental challenges that result from growth and change in the marketplace or within the organization itself. An effective response requires an assessment of internal and external factors that influence the organization’s success.

IOD offers a full range of assessment services to identify challenges and opportunities with respect to leadership, structure, systems, processes, and staff. We measure employee satisfaction, patterns of communication, levels of teamwork, leadership and staff competencies, and other critical success factors. A comprehensive assessment includes both an internal and external focus using quantitative and qualitative surveys, focus groups, interviews, and on-site observations.

IOD’s organizational assessments vary in scope and can be fully customized to accommodate the specific needs and unique environment of any organization. The results of the assessment provide the foundation for data-driven planning and development initiatives to create positive change.

Change Management Planning

Today’s extraordinary economic environment is placing unprecedented demands on organizations to change or risk extinction. However, organizational leaders often do not fully appreciate the challenges of change and, as a result, they underestimate the difficulty of driving lasting change. Productive change does not happen by accident, nor can it be mandated. IOD has developed a unique, proprietary approach to change management based on six Change “Drivers” needed to initiate and sustain organizational change.

Our Change Readiness Survey is the foundation for Change Management planning and is designed to measure attitudes and opinions held by individuals in an organization or an entire community with regard to implementing change. The survey assesses: Sponsorship, Accountability, Empowerment, Communication and History of Change. 

360˚ Leadership Development

IOD measures an individual’s leadership performance within three “Pillars of Leadership”: Modeling Values, Managing Relationships, and Mastering Change. The Leadership 360° Profile is quick and easy to complete online by the individual. In addition, it is completed, anonymously, by immediate supervisors, selected peers and subordinates. Results of the Leadership Profile 360° clearly identify specific behavioral strengths and areas of needed change to focus leadership development planning and training for individual supervisors, managers and executives, or for an entire management team.

Employee Surveys

IOD offers a fully validated survey process that explores employee satisfaction issues in 16 categories. The survey results are presented in a comprehensive report that our clients consistently tell us is the most user-friendly report they have seen. Once we have completed your survey and present the findings, IOD can work with your key staff to develop and implement a response to the survey findings.