organizational development specialists

IOD consists of organizational development specialists who help nonprofits go from an “As Is” state to a successful “To Be” state. We specialize in nonprofits & organizations in multiple practices, including: health & human services, higher education, faith-based organizations, cultural arts development, and associations.


IOD is “small by design,” meticulous in our service delivery & successful because we only pursue projects where we know we will excel in meeting our client’s needs! IOD is a unique team of specialists providing analysis, insight & solutions for organizational development challenges since 1986. IOD has a proven track record in helping organizations make data-driven decisions that enhance their relevancy, credibility & visibility resulting in measurable improvements in performance, impact & sustainability.

IOD has offices in North Carolina, Florida & Georgia & is led by John Curtis, PhD, the President & Founding Partner. Dr. Curtis is a senior consultant, researcher, organizational development specialist, business trainer and professor. His experience spans 30 years and involves providing a wide array of consulting services to organizations nationwide. The IOD team has a proven track record in bringing sound organizational principles and innovative operational practices to hundreds of organizations in public, private and nonprofit sectors.