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How to Host a Successful Virtual (Fundraising) Event!

Introduction: Most organizations and institutions that operate as nonprofits know their fundraising will be impacted by Covid-19 but few know exactly how to respond. The pandemic comes during a time when many nonprofits were ramping up their fundraising efforts to cash in on the record levels of charitable giving in the U.S. Worst still, is if their fundraising …

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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement Accessibility Statement General strives to ensure that its services are accessible to people with disabilities. has invested a significant amount of resources to help ensure that its website is made easier to use and more accessible for people with disabilities, with the strong belief that every person has the right to …

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How to Find the Right Development Officer

How to Find the Right Development Officer

Nonprofits often struggle with how to select the right Development Officer! Here are some tips: Distinguish between a development officer and an administrative support person. Make sure you have adequate administrative support so that your professional development officer does not spend time inputting and manipulating data, scheduling meetings, or handling routine administrative tasks. This is …

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Thank You

Thank You Thank you for requesting a download of our Organizational Readiness Review (ORR). This assessment tool will help you identify operational strengths and developmental needs! Download this tool below. Download Schedule a Complimentary Telephone Consultation We specialize in providing a quick, concise ANALYSIS, developing unique, accurate INSIGHT and providing concrete, realistic SOLUTIONS… there is …

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Faith-based Organizations Business Services

Business Services for Faith-Based Organizations More Savings: More Mission! IOD provides innovative and sustainable financial, managerial and operating solutions tailored to the unique world of faith-based nonprofit management that increase efficiency and decrease costs. Financial Services We blend the latest business best practices with mission-driven, nonprofit motives: 1. Preparation for External Audits & Performance of Internal …

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Faith-based Organizations Donor-Driven Fundraising

Donor-Driven Fundraising for Faith-based Organizations in a Post-Covid World! Raising new dollars and new donors! IOD’s fresh, unique, and virtual approach to financial sustainability through donor-driven fundraising results in raising new major gifts from new and existing donors. We show you how to help donors accomplish their philanthropic goals, continue a family tradition or practice …

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